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Ideal Teasing Service-Pakistan (ITS) was established in Sep 2018 in response to an expressed need for a testing service in the national Education Policy (1998-2010).

Pakistan, Multan

P.O Box No. 849, General Post Office New Multan, Multan.


Mon to Fri 9am to 6 pm

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ITS (idealtestingservice) basically provide platform to attempt test and assesment of candidate on merit basis and select just those candidate who are placed with in provided merit.
ITS (Idealtesting service) is the name of execlence our respect shows excelence and our provided work that is well managed by the team of experts.
Fairness in results the candidates that are passed only those are eligible for the further testing criteria those who failed in first test are not go through further processes.
Integrity Moreover our we give fair and quality result and selected people who must fullfill the requirements of companies and we are still consistent with our morale and good will so, that's the reason people trust at IdealTesting Service.
Transparency We provide transparent outputs to the user as well as our partner's to make our trust more n more strong and also user donot hope from Idealtesting Service.